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Welcome to Sewing 101 hosted by Zsane by The Alexanders. Sewing 101 will include a two day course geared towards the fundamental skills needed to sew garments. This is a beginners course intended to provide you with the skills needed to begin a journey in the fashion industry. 

Course Description

This course is dedicated to giving you a hands on experience that teaches you the in's and outs of sewing. This course will go into depth on measuring, how to use a sewing machine, fabrics, prepping garments and much more. During this course you will work hands on with Angela & Zsane Alexander who have a thriving clothing business with garments they sew themselves from scratch. Zsane by the Alexanders has been featured in magazines such as the knot, numerous fashion shows throughout NYC and creates custom pieces for all occasions including bridal. The two day course will cover your basis from the beginning of sewing to actually putting your own piece together by the end of the course. 


Learning Objectives for Sewing 101:

  • Students will learn how to take body measurements 

  • Students will learn about the different sewing materials/instruments needed to sew

  • Students will learn the language of patterns 

  • Students will learn the different parts of a sewing machine and how to use it

  • Students will learn how to cut patterns 

  • Students will learn different types of fabric 

  • Students will learn how to prep a garment on a mannequin

  • Students will learn how to sew garments

  • Students will learn how to hem and bass garments

  • Students will learn how to finish garments

The cost associated with the two day course is $300. You will be required to attend both half day classes.

Below are some things to know:

  • The $300 payment is a one time fee that will need to be paid before the start of the first class (payment options include: Zelle, cash app or cash.

  • Zsane & Angela Alexander will walk you through each step providing guidance and a hands on experience

  • This course will occur in person (proper social distancing guidelines will be followed and your temperature will be taken before you enter)

  • If something comes up and you need to select a different date for the class, the Alexanders are more than happy to accommodate you


To register for the two day course please fill out the following google form:



   If you have further questions, please email

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